4th Global

Mentoring Conference

29th October 2021

4th Global

Mentoring Conference

29th October 2021


Parallel Session 2C – Building a culture of Mentoring in Pharmacy- a prescription for success with Dr Rachael Clarke & Sarah Chambers

Building a culture of Mentoring in Pharmacy- a prescription for success with Dr Rachael Clarke & Sarah Chambers

Session on 29 October 2021 12:45 UTC - View on timetable


In 2019, on the back of a trial Mentoring Skills Training Programme, a number of pharmacists contacted the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) to ask for more to be done in this space.  In October of this year, the IIOP launched its first Mentoring Programme for pharmacists. This evidence based, formal yet flexible programme is bespoke to pharmacists working in all practice areas and is the first of its kind offered to pharmacists in Ireland. The IIOP mentoring programme is working to build belief in and understanding of mentoring across the profession and to drive a culture of self-leadership and leading others.

Join Sarah Chambers, the IIOP Mentoring Programme Lead, Dr. Rachael Clarke (Programme Consultant) and a panel of three pharmacists who participated in the development of the programme to talk about building a culture of mentoring in Pharmacy and what they feel is the prescription for success.

–        What are the challenges and opportunities unique to Mentoring in Pharmacy?

–        What was the impact of building a programme for front line workers in a Pandemic?  

–        How do you build a sustainable programme with limited resources and without an organisational mandate?

Expect to hear about:


Skills Providing mentors and mentees with the skills and tools necessary
Understanding The importance of designing a fit for purpose approach for Pharmacy and

Setting clear expectations with mentors and mentees

Connection The power of “it’s not just me” and how important it is to foster trust and rapport.
Community Providing opportunities for connection and learning, story telling
Empowerment Co-creating a programme for pharmacists, led by pharmacists, as well as a call to action to lead the programme evolution
Structure Ensuring it is flexible in approach but not suffocating

Removing ambiguity so the focus in on learning

Support The Programme team -trained and accredited professionals, L+D experts and cross sector pharmacists.






Dr Rachael Clarke

Dr. Rachael Clarke is an accredited mentor and coach supporting the development and implementation of the IIOP Mentoring Programme. A former Neuroscientist, Rachael worked in a variety of senior leadership roles for AstraZeneca for over 12 years. As the Global Head of Education and Engagement, she led a successful functional mentoring programme as well as building a culture of social learning for Global Compliance and Sustainability Subject matter experts. Changing countries and career in 2019, Rachael now combines her passion for Neuroscience, Learning and Leadership from Ireland, working with individuals and teams globally to build belief in the power of mentoring and coaching.

Sarah Chambers Sarah Chambers is the IIOP Mentoring Programme Manager. She is a trained coach and mentor and an EMCC accredited Mentoring Programme Manager. She has been lucky throughout her career in pharmacy to benefit from mentors, although to be honest she would not have known to even call it that at the time! She qualified from RCSI in 2008 with a Masters in Pharmacy and worked as a community pharmacist for several years and was awarded Young Pharmacist of the Year award in 2017. She made a decision to change career path and moved to work in the Irish Institute of Pharmacy team in 2018 to have a wider circle of influence and to support the development of the role of the pharmacy profession. She is both a mentor and a mentee herself and is passionate about the possibilities mentoring can bring to the pharmacy profession.

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy’s (IIOP) role includes the development and implementation of a CPD system for pharmacists in Ireland and the development of pharmacy practice in line with international best practice and evolving healthcare needs.

Emily Kelly – Community Pharmacist – Emily is a member of the Steering Group for the Mentoring Programme and is also acting as a mentor in our current programme

Louisa Power – Chief II Pharmacist – HSE – Louisa was a mentor in our pilot programme and is now a Mentoring Ambassador for the programme

Moyosola Tijani – Community Pharmacist – Moyosola was a mentee in our pilot programme and is now a Mentoring Ambassador for the programme