4th Global

Mentoring Conference

29th October 2021

4th Global

Mentoring Conference

29th October 2021


Parallel Session 2A – Rossella Pin & Fabio Salvadori

From Managers to Mentors: Helping people learn and grow in flat and self-organized companies with Rossella Pin & Fabio Salvadori

Session on 29 October 2021 12:45 UTC - View on timetable


In this fast pace and constantly accelerating world, many organizations, particularly fast-growing innovative startups, are embracing flat structures with few or no middle management, where bureaucracy and hierarchies are minimized in favour of autonomy and self-organization.

In such organizations, mentoring empowers people to learn, grow, and develop their skills, thinking quality, and ability to navigate the company ecosystem.

In this session, Rossella Pin and Fabio Salvadori will present their discoveries from the experience of MentorLab, a market leader in Italy in the design and organization of mentoring programmes combining individual objectives with systemic results, and H-Farm Innovation, a forward-thinking and self-organised Italian company with an ongoing internal mentoring program.

After their presentation, Rossella and Fabio will moderate a discussion panel on the four key areas (the 4 “S”) to create an effective mentoring program: Senso (meaning), Struttura (structure), Spazio (space) and Strumenti (tools). The panel is composed of representatives of the two companies involved in the project:  Cristiano Abbate and Annalisa Fabbri of MentorLab,  Elisa Cucchetto of H-Farm Innovation.


Rossella Pin is the co-founder of EMCC Italy. She is an EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner and Assessor and Certified Mentor Coach.

Positive and passionate about change, Rossella has successfully mentored and coached leaders and teams involved in complex organizational development projects for more than 20 years. In 2017 she co-founded MentorLab, a fast growing start-up company designing and delivering mentoring and coaching programmes to Fortune 500 companies and international not-for-profit organisations.

Rossella firmly believes in “the power of the and” so she enjoys being involved in multiple projects and thrive in culturally diverse environments. She serves as Global Faculty Trainer and Italian Programme Director of the International Coach Academy, and as President of two Italian not-for-profit associations for the promotion of professional mentoring, Associazione Italiana Mentoring and AssoMentori.

After her Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, she has never stopped studying and is now completing her Certification in Coach Supervision. She is also a passionate traveller who enjoys spending time with her husband and two children driving expeditions across Europe.

Fabio Salvadori is a coach and mentor who helps individuals, teams and organizations awaken their inner potential for innovation. He is a restless creative thinker who has spent twenty years in the tech industry, creating innovative services and products across different sectors, which earned him an Italian national award for innovation in 2007.

His natural fascination for the elusive mechanics of human creativity pointed his exploration inward to find the spark that can make anyone an innovator. He is the Chief Innovation Officer of MentorLab.

Fabio loves short poems, long conversations and dried mango.