4th Global

Mentoring Conference

29th October 2021

4th Global

Mentoring Conference

29th October 2021


Parallel session 1B: João Catalão – EMCC Portugal Vice-president – This session will be held in Portuguese

The power of mentoring in uncertain times - a panel chaired by João Catalão - Vice president - EMCC Portugal - This session will be held in PORTUGUESE

Session on 29 October 2021 10:30 UTC - View on timetable


Uncertainty is a reality for everyone, all over the world.  Leaders, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Managers, Boards, all face the challenge of having to deal with the unknown and uncertainty.  In this context, mentoring evolved from knowledge sharing to co-creating new possibilities, taking advantage of the differences in know-how, maturity, and experience of the mentor and the mentee.

This Panel will have the participation of accredited mentors who will show how they are boosting their mentoring in this paradigm.

Chair: João Catalão


Liliana Silva Cerqueria

João Brás


João Catalão – is the Vice President – EMCC Portugal and Coaching, Team Coaching & Mentoring lover!

Joao serves Leaders and Organisations internationally.  He regularly traverses the globe, happily delivering Keynotes, Workshops, Coaching, Laser Coaching, Team Coaching, Mentoring, Team Mentoring, Creativity, Sales, Commercial Management, Team Building.  Executive & Mentor Coach, Senior Practitioner and VP EMCC Global, CPC – ASESCO, AECOP; VP and Certified Mentor APMENTOR- Portuguese Mentoring Association).   VP Age Friendly Portuguese Association

He is the father of the Concept Atitude UAUme! (creating value in your personal life and business, by SURPRISING others) Pipedream (Creativity and Innovation).  More than 30 years working like General Manager, Marketing and Sales Diretor in top nacional and international companies.  President & Founder of Group BusinessUP (YouUp, Coaching & Mentoring; ActiveUp; SalesUp; FoneUp; 4Stores; INV-Sales & Negociation.  Experienced Facilitator & Trainer in Coaching, Team Coaching, Mentoring, Team Mentoring, Multicultural Negotiations, Sales and Key Account Management.   Author and co-author of several books  Founder & Diretor – Magazine DO it! Sales & Negotiation Magazine DO it!

Academic background:

MBA; Agricultural Engineering; Philosophy; Psychology; Marketing Management; PhD Commercial Law & Corporate Finances; Advanced Training in Complex Negotiations (Harvard Business School, M.I.T., Tufts University-USA), Psicodrama (ISPA). Master in Coaching


Liliana Silva Cerqueira – Executive Coach & Mentor at Growin Minds, Liliana’s life purpose has been, for two decades, to catalyse human potential in the corporate
world.  Her past ten years has been dedicated to lead the people strategy, in order to support the business and people growth for two prestigious multinational companies (cold logistics and consultancy brokerage insurance industries), which gave her not only a wide experience of local and global challenges but also the opportunity to create
positive and evolving ecosystems for people to grow.

Currently, she’s focused on helping leaders and driven professionals to create a fulfilling work life that they can be proud of, throughout mentoring and coaching development strategies and tools.  Liliana has an educational background in Organizational Psychology and holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic HR Management. She have undergone in depth education and training as a Psychological Coach and she’s credentialled as EIA Senior Practitioner by the European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC).

Author of the book: ”O Livro da Selva Empresarial: os 10 mandamentos de sobrevivência” and also of the e-book: ”Growing Minds: o poder de acreditar que se pode sempre melhorar’.

João Brás – Passionate about people and people development, so is always striving to focus himself and help others on simplifying things and managing to
achieve the best results.  Holds a Management degree (Univ. Católica Portuguesa) and an MSc in HR Management (Surrey European Management School, UK) and has been working
with personal development since as far as he can remember. Started as a consultant, developing training & development projects for 3 years, stepping into the “client’s” perspective in order to understand business from within. During 12 years, he developed his knowledge and experience in both national and multinational environments, managing businesses and teams, coaching and mentoring peers, teams and leaders, understanding the value of management and leadership to achieve peak performance and great results.  In 2015 was time to go back to consultancy to convert all this experience and knowledge on the service of others, helping individuals, teams and companies achieve their (sustainable) objectives.  He is frequently invited to participate in Academic Activities and is also an invited lecturer in Católica Porto Business School – Executive Education. João is fluent in both English and Spanish, holds  EMCC Senior Practitioner Certification.